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Barbie: Themes from a Therapist’s Perspective

Barbie: Themes from a Therapist’s Perspective

It was the movie of the summer. Everyone was talking about it. From the costumes, music and all-star cast, there’s a lot to be drawn to. And despite being a film about “Stereotypical Barbie”, it was far from surface level. The film commented on perfectionistic ideals, the value of emotional expression, gender norms, embracing change, …

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Therapy As Self-Care

Therapy as Self-Care has become a common phrase in today’s culture. The environmental stressors of the past three years have challenged all of us to consider how our daily lives impact our sense of wellness and have highlighted our need for nourishing and recharging activities. However, the definition of self-care can be quite ambiguous, leaving …

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The Challenges of Parenting

PARENTING – arguably, the hardest job on earth (and the most rewarding!) Whether you are a parent, thinking about becoming one, or sorting through your own experiences of being parented, there are hundreds of books and resources online to help guide through the complexity and “the Challenges of Parenting.” In the book, “Self-Reg: How To …

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Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free

Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free. January is “Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free” month at Emmaus! We want to dedicate this month to talking about boundaries – what they are, how to set them, and why they might be helpful. The word “boundaries” is a big buzzword at the present time, but how well do people truly understand …

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Introducing Calgary Counselling Collective

Kim thomas, registered psychologist, Jocelyn Tuohy, registered psychologist, Kimberly nelson, registered provisional psychologist Welcome to the collective! We are a group of psychologists who have come together to help provide unique and tailored counselling services. As a collective, we are passionate about providing specialized training in our individual in fields that including working with adults …

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Emotions: Creating An Understanding

Throughout my years as a psychologist working with adults, I have discovered that the labeling, understanding, allowing, and expressing of emotions amongst individuals is often rare to see. It is common for people to have difficulty with labeling their own emotions and  an understanding of why they feel that way. Understanding your emotions There is …

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