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Welcome to Emmaus Psychology!

Hi. I’m Jocelyn Tuohy, a Registered Psychologist specializing in individual therapy, couples counselling, and parent coaching/consultation. Since opening Emmaus Psychology in November 2019, I have had many questions about the name of the practice, how to pronounce it, and what it means. I thought that I would begin my first blog by introducing Emmaus Psychology …

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Therapy As Self-Care

Therapy as Self-Care has become a common phrase in today’s culture. The environmental stressors of the past three years have challenged all of us to consider how our daily lives impact our sense of wellness and have highlighted our need for nourishing and recharging activities. However, the definition of self-care can be quite ambiguous, leaving …

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The Challenges of Parenting

PARENTING – arguably, the hardest job on earth (and the most rewarding!) Whether you are a parent, thinking about becoming one, or sorting through your own experiences of being parented, there are hundreds of books and resources online to help guide through the complexity and “the Challenges of Parenting.” In the book, “Self-Reg: How To …

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Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free

Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free. January is “Setting Boundaries – Guilt-free” month at Emmaus! We want to dedicate this month to talking about boundaries – what they are, how to set them, and why they might be helpful. The word “boundaries” is a big buzzword at the present time, but how well do people truly understand …

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Introducing Calgary Counselling Collective

Kim thomas, registered psychologist, Jocelyn Tuohy, registered psychologist, Kimberly nelson, registered provisional psychologist Welcome to the collective! We are a group of psychologists who have come together to help provide unique and tailored counselling services. As a collective, we are passionate about providing specialized training in our individual in fields that including working with adults …

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Emotions: Creating An Understanding

Throughout my years as a psychologist working with adults, I have discovered that the labeling, understanding, allowing, and expressing of emotions amongst individuals is often rare to see. It is common for people to have difficulty with labeling their own emotions and  an understanding of why they feel that way. Understanding your emotions There is …

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Managing Stress During the Holidays and Beyond

Holidays are stressful. This pandemic is stressful. Life is stressful. Stress is a common reaction to uncertainty and conflict and can happen to all of us. It affects our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. So, it is no wonder that the events of 2020 have helped create a high level of stress on individuals and …

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Working from home more stressful than you thought? We got you!

Pandemic. Lockdown. Quarantine. It’s no surprise these were recently chosen as words of the year by our favourite dictionaries. From our homes to our work to our relationships, COVID-19 has upended almost every aspect of our lives. Given these dramatic shifts in the way we relate to the world and with each other, it’s also …

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Four Horsemen

Understanding Communication Toxicity in Your Relationship

One of the most common concerns couples identify as an issue in their relationship is communication. Most couples feel like communication (or lack thereof) leads to conflict and that conflict is a negative part of their relationship. However, conflict is a normal part of a relationship and is going to happen. I often tell couples …

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Connect with your partner

5 ways to Connect with Your Partner (Outside the Bedroom)

“Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul. It brings two people closer and helps them bond better.” Arijit Chandra Emotional connection is vital in relationship between partners. When we feel emotionally connected then we feel seen, we feel heard, …

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Ingredients for relationship success

Ingredients to Help Create a Successful Relationship

Relationship success = constant communication, an abundance of appreciation, heartfelt understanding, consistent emotional and physical connection, and ongoing trust and commitment. How do we know this combination of ingredients makes a successful relationship? Thanks to years of research and clinical practice, Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman have uncovered the recipe that makes a …

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