Journey to Deeper Connection: Couples Counselling at Emmaus Psychology

Couples counselling at Emmaus Psychology isn't just for relationships in crisis – it's a proactive step towards building a stronger and more fulfilling connection with your partner. There are myriad reasons why couples seek our guidance, from enhancing communication to navigating life changes seamlessly.

Why Choose Couples Counselling at Emmaus Psychology:

Proactive Relationship Enhancement: Couples counselling is not solely reserved for times of crisis; it’s an opportunity to proactively strengthen your relationship. Whether you aim to improve communication or deepen your connection, our dedicated approach caters to your unique needs.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Our approach to relationship counselling is grounded in the esteemed Gottman Method Couples Therapy. This evidence-based method focuses on understanding the intricacies of your relationship, providing tailored strategies for positive change.

The Couples Counselling Process at Emmaus Psychology:

Initial Couple Assessment: In the first session, we meet with the couple jointly. This session involves a comprehensive assessment of your relationship, delving into current issues, the narrative of your journey together, relationship highs and lows, and your aspirations for therapy.

Individual Sessions: The second and third sessions are individual, allowing us to explore personal narratives, family histories, aspirations, and individual goals. Additionally, both partners have the option to complete an online assessment through the Gottman Institute, providing a holistic view of the relationship and individual dynamics.

Assessment Review: The fourth session is a pivotal point where we reconvene to discuss the results of the assessment. This thorough examination allows us to gain insights into each partner’s perspective, laying the foundation for the subsequent couples therapy sessions.

Couples Therapy begins: Armed with a comprehensive understanding, the fourth session begins the therapeutic process by implementing strategies and interventions tailored to your unique relationship dynamics, fostering positive changes, and deeper connections.

Take the proactive step towards a more resilient and fulfilling relationship. Contact Emmaus Psychology today to initiate your couples counselling journey. Strengthen your bond and create a foundation for lasting connection with our expert guidance.

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