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A Relationship-Based Practice

walking alongside you To Provide:

  • Insight and understanding
  • Connection and change
  • Meaning and purpose
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You Are Not Alone!

I define myself as a relationship-based therapist and, hence, have a strong belief in the power of connection between therapist and client.

I strive to connect with clients, develop a supportive and understanding relationship, and create an environment of empathy, compassion and acceptance.

Deciding to begin therapy can be intimidating and overwhelming so I make every effort to provide a comfortable environment in helping an individual create the life they seek, reach the goals they set, and live a life of meaning and purpose.

Areas of Practice

Specializing in Helping
Individuals, Couples and Parents.

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Guiding you on your journey of healing and improved mental health stemming from issues related to depression, anxiety and trauma.


Helping you and your partner improve your communication, overcome roadblocks in your relationship and create a deeper connection.


Coaching you on parenting strategies to help you create the type of relationship you want with your children.

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Hardwiring Happiness

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When Your Body Tells You to Access Therapy

When Your Body Tells You to Access Therapy

When Your Body Tells You to Access Therapy.  Accessing therapy for mental health concerns is comparable to going to the doctor for a physical health concern. Typically, if people are dealing with a physical health issue, they will attempt to accept and cope with it until they can no longer cope on their own. They

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Barbie: Themes from a Therapist’s Perspective

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