The 80/80 marriage book

The 80/80 Marriage

The 80/80 Marriage,

Do you struggle to feel like your marriage is fair?

Are you constantly trying to defend how much you do, or demand that your partner do more?

Perhaps you are starting to feel resentful and it is leading to conflict?

Do you ever wish that you could just have balance and peace in your relationship?Most people enter relationships with the intention of sharing the load 50/50 with their partner. We set out to create balance, we divide household chores,commit to raising children together, and vow to support each other through all the ups and downs.

And then life happens in real time… household demands pile up, ourcareers ask increasingly more from us,children always come with more wonder and work than we could have ever
imagined, and suddenly the 50/50 agreements tarts feeling impossible to reach, both partners are overwhelmed, overextended and looking to the other to pick up the slack.

We start keeping score, feeling entitled to more and feeling frustrated that we don’t have it.
The 80/80 Marriage challenges preexisting beliefs about fairness in relationships.

This book provides readers with a new way to look at our relationship contribution and redefine what winning really means.

Through candid stories and their own experiences, Nate and Kaley Klemp challenge partners to Give more. Generously.

Without keeping score. The key is that we do this by redefining the win; moving from an “If you win,I
lose” mentality to one where the success of the family comes before all the competing demands.

Readers are guided through the considerations of letting go of perfection,setting boundaries that work for the family, prioritizing each other and even dividing necessary tasks in a more explicit way in order to move away from fairness fighting and towards shared success.

If you are looking for an easy place to start considering how your relationship could be stronger, this book provides just the boost needed to reset your mindset and motivate you to shift your relationship towards a stronger, more meaningful connection.

Written by: Shelley Petry, Registered Provisional Psychologist at Emmaus Psychology.

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