When the Body Says No

“When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress” by Gabor Maté is a thought-
provoking and insightful exploration of the complex relationship between emotional and
physical health. In this book, Dr. Gabor Maté, a Canadian physician with a background
in family medicine, palliative care, and addiction, delves into the connection between
suppressed emotions, unresolved psychological issues, and the development of various
chronic illnesses.

The primary premise of this book asserts a profound connection between our emotional
experiences and the physical health challenges we encounter. Dr. Maté contends that
when we neglect to recognize and confront emotional and psychological stressors in our
lives, our bodies frequently communicate their distress through the emergence of
various illnesses.

One of the strengths of this book is Dr. Maté’s ability to provide readers with real-life
stories and examples that help illustrate his points, making the content relatable and
engaging. The book also encourages self-reflection, prompting readers to examine their
own lives and consider how their emotional experiences might be affecting their health.
Dr. Maté’s approach challenges conventional medical thinking and encourages readers
to consider the importance of emotional and psychological factors in the development of
chronic illnesses.

This book offers a valuable perspective on the holistic nature of health
and well-being, making it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the mind-body

Written by: Penny Solinger, MSW, RSW
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