Emotions: Creating An Understanding

Throughout my years as a psychologist working with adults, I have discovered that the labeling, understanding, allowing, and expressing of emotions amongst individuals is often rare to see. It is common for people to have difficulty with labeling their own emotions and  an understanding of why they feel that way.

Understanding your emotions

There is a disconnection with oneself and one’s emotions. The more I have researched into this topic, the more I have been able to understand this prevalent disconnection within many individuals in society.  Through my research and study, I have also focused on helping individuals reconnect with themselves and understand the role of emotions in their own life and the great importance of allowing emotions. Every single person on this planet is born with the ability to feel and experience emotion. Emotions are normal and it is a normal human experience to feel.

Uncovering the disconnect

We are all born with the capacity to feel and to express emotion. However, as we develop and move through childhood it is our environment that either allows us to express our emotions or inhibits us from expressing emotions. Many people grow up in a home where they were not allowed to show emotion; where feelings were shut down, where the child was told not to feel how they did, where the child had to look after the parent’s emotions instead of their own, or the child didn’t receive the comfort or support to feel how they felt. When this occurs, children adapt to their environment by doing as requested and the connection with self is severed. As children move into adulthood, the understanding and allowing of emotions does not just appear. There is a deep inner disconnect with oneself and lack of knowing who they are and how they feel.

Avoiding emotions verus learning how to face them

The good thing is that anyone at any age is able to learn how to understand, label, and allow emotions. Even if you were not allowed to express your feelings as a child there is still time to learn it now as an adult. The avoidance and suppression of emotion is damaging, unhealthy, and one of the lead causes of addiction, mental health concerns, relationship distress, and physical illness.


It is never too late to reconnect with yourself and allow yourself to feel. Please reach out for support, I am here to help: www.emmauspsychology.com.

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